three birthdays- one month!

On August 15, Dallin turned 5! He has been growing into a handsome, helpful and curious young man. His favorite place is next to me, helping in the kitchen! 

On September 17th, Anna turned 7! She's a sweet, hardworking firecracker. She's eager to lend a hand and is the second mother around here!

Ella joined our family on August 25th. We even had a "BIRTHday" party for her!

She makes everybody happy! We've been blessed to have her in our home!


Ella's birth







 I can hardly believe it! 

Things are growing like crazy around here! 

Oh sure, with four kids and land for them to run a muck on, things are getting destroyed left and right, including screen doors, camera's, furniture, young pumpkins and clean floors,

BUT there is even more GROWTH...
which is what I'm trying hard to focus on!

So, this summer, here's what's been growing:


I'm growing strong, healthy kids! 
I'm exhausted just thinking about it! 
Can you believe they have to eat daily?
Multiple times even!?!? 
 It's a full time job to be certain!

They are....

Water adventures are at the top of their list this summer!

We just love the fresh water to swim in all around here! 

My kids love food...of all types. Here's Dallin, drooling over what we call Pizzatata. :) ( It's frittata that tastes a lot like pizza.)

Self reliant: 
Yes, this toddler managed to break open this watermelon all by himself while mom was distracted....
 Here, Anna is  pruning the tomato plants. Anna and Dallin especially love to work in the garden!

 Hard working:
 Shhh...Don't tell him that some people actually get PAID to mow the lawn!?!  
He still thinks it is a privilege!

Makes me so happy that they LOVE to learn.

PLUS... They are cute. 

In addition, we are also growing: 

There are ALWAYS chicks growing around here.

It was their first year so there weren't a lot. Between the slugs and kids we didn't exactly harvest any, but had a few tasty bites.

 Cucumbers and tomatoes: 
These are the first fruits of the year with many, many more to come! We planted over 50 tomato plants?! 

 It's not quite what I thought it would turn out like, but it is still beautiful! I've got some smashed up in the cupboard waiting to be turned into sauerkraut right now.

Which almost always get eaten right off of the vine...A perfect snack.

 Surprise pansies: 
  It's always fun to find beautiful little flowers you didn't plant! Especially ones as cheery as these!

Thanks Stina!  
of all textures and colors...

Freshly harvested by happy pickers.
These are from May, but we still get a few once in a while. 
They are a new favorite of mine for a little pizazz!



 Oh, and last but not least.....

 My belly 
It's growing like crazy too and amazing me with every kick! 

  Only 6 more weeks, ready or not!?!?!?